World-Class Education: Benefits and Challenges

World-Class Education: Benefits and Challenges

Dear Parents,

We know that, as parents, you have high expectations for your child’s education, and we believe this Conference will provide valuable insights into educational philosophy, as well as the benefits and challenges when your children join a world-class education.

During the Conference, we will explore the differences in perspectives and expectations between parents and educators and how we can work together to create a learning environment that best serves the needs of our pupils. We will discuss the latest educational approach and share the educational philosophy of Brighton College Vietnam, which emphasizes the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and global citizenship for pupils.

A world-class education can present unique benefits and challenges for pupils, and we want to ensure that parents are fully informed and engaged in their child’s academic journey.

In addition, this Conference presents a unique opportunity for parents to build a community of understanding and trust that will benefit their children. By engaging in meaningful dialogue with other parents, educators, and professionals, we can create a supportive network that promotes the well-being and success of our pupils.

We encourage you to bring your questions, concerns, and suggestions to the Conference, as BCVN aims to create a learning environment that caters to the needs and aspirations of all pupils. Your inputs and perspectives are crucial in creating a meaningful and impactful educational experience for your child.

We look forward to seeing you at the Conference.

Time: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM, Saturday, 18/03/2023

Location: Almaz Center, Vinhomes Riverside, Hanoi

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Best Regards,

Matthew Bartlett
Founding Headmaster

Bcvn Ht183 Gom E