Scholarships are awarded during the admissions process to recognise talented pupils who show great promise in a particular area of school life. Scholars are expected to act as role models in their particular areas of interest.

Details regarding some of the scholarships which Brighton College Vietnam will be offering for the academic year 2024-25 can be found below:

Life-time Scholarship for Life-long Learners


All pupils from Years 1-10 who enrol before 22/12/2024 will be granted the Founding Scholarship for the duration of their time as pupils at Brighton College Vietnam. This scholarship is equivalent to 15% of tuition fees for all years and in recognition of these pupils’ role as founding members of Brighton College Vietnam.

The Bright Go to Brighton Scholarship

Brighton College Classroom Shoot

20 pupils with the highest academic achievements at the time of enrolment will be granted the Bright Go to Brighton Scholarship. This scholarship is equivalent to 50% tuition fee reduction for all years, and will be reviewed annually, based on the pupil’s academic progress.

IGCSE Excellence Scholarship


5 top pupils enrolled in Year 10 in 2024 will be awarded a scholarship worth 100% tuition fee reduction. This scholarship will be granted (with conditions) for the duration of the pupil’s career at Brighton College Vietnam.