This is the question that Brighton College Vietnam (BCVN) has received from parents.As a British school, English is the primary language that is used within and beyond the classroom, and pupils are required to have English proficiency to follow lessons and communicate with their international teachers and peers. We believe that when studying in this environment, pupils will develop their English in the most natural way, especially those who enter from Year 1-2.

For pupils joining senior school (from Year 7), we will expect greater English proficiency not only to follow the more demanding curriculum, to interact with teachers and peers, but also for pupils to be able to participate in diversifying co-curricular programmes.

From the entrance assessment, pupils will be interviewed directly by native teachers to ensure the English level required by BCVN. Assessments will also be specifically designed for each year level, so children can show their full ability.

In addition, BCVN has an EAL programme run by specialist teachers to assist pupils requiring special support in the English language, especially for those whose first language isn’t English.

Watch the video from Mr Matthew Bartlett – Founding Head Master of BCVN – to learn more about entrance requirements into BCVN.

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