Understanding the appeal of the first-of-its-kind British school in Vietnam

Understanding the appeal of the first-of-its-kind British school in Vietnam

Vingroup’s collaboration with Brighton College, a prestigious school with 200 years of history from the UK, to bring this school system to Vietnam has garnered a lot of attention from the public even though its construction will not be completed until August 2023. Mr. Matthew Bartlett, Founding Head of Brighton College Vietnam, has given an explanation about the appeal of the dream school of Vietnamese pupils.

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Mr. Matthew Bartlett, Founding Head of Brighton College Vietnam, is an education leader with over 30 years of experience in leading the UK’s top independent schools.

World-class education quality

How is Brighton College Vietnam’s curriculum designed to create the school’s success over the past 200 years?

Our 13-year curriculum is divided into “Key Stages” in line with the UK system, including Key Stages 1 – 5 (KS 1-5), which are structured to build on each other to ensure our pupils’ progression and our highest rigour in delivering the standards parents and pupils have the right to expect.

  • Specifically, Key Stages 1 and 2 (Years 1 – 6) cover primary education, with regular assessments against international benchmarks, which help to lay the ground for secondary school and preparation for university and careers in the future
  • Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 9) builds on this as children make the transition to secondary and encompasses deeper study of the same core and foundation subjects, including English, Mathematics and Science, along with the Humanities/Social Sciences, Art and Technology, Computing, Foreign Languages, Music, and Physical Education.
  • At Key Stage 4 (Year 10 – 11), where pupils take the IGCSE qualifications, the core of English, Mathematics and Science (taught as the three separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics) remains, whilst pupils have adding options as wide-ranging as Economics, Business and Drama.
  • For Key Stage 5 (Years 12 – 13), BCVN has chosen the IB Diploma programme, which maintains rigour and breadth and includes components that prepare pupils well for the intensity of high level university study.

What are the unique features and advantages that make BCVN a dream school for pupils?

The huge strength of our BC curriculum is that it is highly structured, from the Early Years to age 14, with progress measures throughout this time, so that teachers and parents know exactly how well a pupil is achieving, and how well s/he is being taught. Pupils’ progress is benchmarked against the expectations from the curriculum, and against all other Brighton College schools both in the UK and worldwide.

After the age of 14, pupils enter two years of preparation for the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examination, taken at age 16. This is one of the only curricula which has internationally- recognised qualifications in every single subject at this age.

We will be offering the broadest curriculum so that every pupil has the opportunity to excel in personal areas of interest. In particular, we also guide pupils from the start of their journey with us to make the best choices for their education, their university choices and for life.

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Brighton College Vietnam wins the trust of Vietnamese pupils and parents through the subject “Story of our land”, which aims to help them recognize and honor the rich cultural heritage of their homeland.

“Launchpad” for Vietnamese pupils to become global citizens

What makes BCVN’s curriculum different from that of other Brighton College schools around the world?
Brighton College is confident about winning the trust of Vietnamese pupils and parents, because although we offer a world class British and international curriculum, it is crucial that we celebrate the culture, traditions and heritage of Vietnam. We ensure this is the case not just through our super curriculum but through our bespoke “Story of our land” course, which is devised by specialists to ensure that our pupils are aware of and appreciate their rich cultural heritage.

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Preparing pupils for the real world is a top priority at Brighton College Vietnam

For families, choosing an international school means they expect their children to become true global citizens. Which “launchpad” has Brighton College Vietnam created for its pupils to fulfill this goal?

BCVN’s curriculum is continuously developed and upgraded to encompass skills that employers are seeking. Our pupils are exposed early in the curriculum to subjects such as Leadership, Teamwork, Problem-Solving, Global Awareness, Digital Literacy, Breadth of Thinking and Creativity, etc.

The mission of our curriculum is to nurture pupils not just academically but also morally, culturally, aesthetically and physically. It does provide for pupils to achieve the goal of becoming true 21st century global citizens.


Brighton College Vietnam (BCVN) in Hanoi is the first campus established as a result of a comprehensive partnership between Vingroup and Brighton College – a prestigious school with nearly 200 years of history from the UK. Brighton College has received numerous accolades and titles such as “United Kingdom School of the Decade”, “Britain’s Most Forward-Thinking School” and “Top school in Britain for STEM ”….