The Importance of Pastoral Care System at Brighton College Vietnam

The Importance of Pastoral Care System at Brighton College Vietnam

In traditional educational models, pastoral care is considered less important than academic achievement. To provide a truly enriching learning experience for pupils, the emotional, social, and physical well-being of pupils should be paid equal care and attention as the accumulation of academic knowledge. Brighton College Vietnam (BCVN) understands that children need an environment where they are nurtured, loved and cared for in order to maximize their potential, and ensure that they  develop emotional and social skills for their future. BCVN’s Pastoral Care System is a crucial part of our educational programme, ensuring that each pupil is valued, understood and supported throughout their learning journey. This pastoral care system has been designed by the leading experts of Brighton College UK, an education system with nearly 200 years of history, and contributes to ensuring that the school’s academic results always remain in the top in the UK and in the world.

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The commitment of each teacher to building relationships and connections with each pupil

The foundation of BCVN’s pastoral care system is the commitment of each teacher to building relationships and connections with each pupil. BCVN teachers are dedicated educators who  are always willing to spend time to get to know each pupil individually and build trust and respect to form a relationship of openness, and understanding. By maintaining regular dialogue with pupils, teachers are able to share concerns, address any problems right from the beginning, and provide guidance and support to help pupils deal with any challenges that they might face in their lives.


A variety of activities and programmes to improve mental health and social relationships

The pastoral care system at BCVN goes well beyond the classroom, combining a variety of activities and programmes to improve mental health and social relationships, from group activities, peer counseling programmes, to mental health seminars and personal support. BCVN is always conscious of equipping pupils with the necessary tools and competencies to adapt and thrive in today’s changing world. In particular, the active participation of parents is an integral part of the programme. The partnership between family and school is the key to creating a truly nurturing environment for every pupil.

House system

A key component of BCVN’s pastoral care system is the House system. Pupils are divided into small communities in the school. This creates cohesion and teamwork among pupils, where the pupils have a “House” of their own (with a large common room for each House), house parents (teachers and administrators), as well as brothers and sisters of different ages to take care of, support each other and participate in many activities and competitions among the Houses. Relationships with siblings and friends in the Houses are vital for pupils to feel protected and warm – essential components for healthy psychological well-being.

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Physical health

In addition, at BCVN, physical health is an irreplaceable fundamental factor for the comprehensive development of pupils. That’s why BCVN’s pastoral care system also emphasises the value of regular physical activity and a nutritious and balanced diet. BCVN’s outstanding sports facilities and clubs such as water polo, Quidditch (a sport in the Harry Potter series), sailing, and golf encourage pupils to explore diversified sports and British culture. The school Dining Hall offers a variety of healthy meal options that enhance nutrition and form lifelong healthy habits. The Brighton-exclusive HEALTH subject also provides pupils with the knowledge and skills to be able to organise their personal lives in a scientific and healthy way.

Brighton College Vietnam is a very special school, with a comprehensive pastoral care system that prioritises the emotional, social and physical well-being of pupils along with oustanding academic programmes. We believe that a holistic education is the key to creating well rounded individuals. A highly supportive and nurturing environment where each child is valued, understood and encouraged to reach their fullest potential is the environment we have always dreamed of and sought for our children.” – shared Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong, a BCVN Parent.

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