“We ensure that each child can become a first-class version of himself or herself, not the second-class version of someone else”

“We ensure that each child can become a first-class version of himself or herself, not the second-class version of someone else”

At the conference, Mr. Richard Cairns, CEO of Brighton College and Member of Brighton College Vietnam’s Board of Directors, shared about the 15-year journey leading Brighton College to become “United Kingdom School of the Decade“. Mr. Cairns also explained in detail the school’s core values ​​including confidence, curiosity and kindness.

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Our job as educators is to ensure that the children understand and embrace the culture of kindness, respecting each other for their differences, in fact celebrating each other’s differences, so that each child can feel comfortable in their own skin. We set out to ensure that each child can become a first-class version of himself or herself, not a second-class version of someone else.” – Mr. Cairns emphasized.

These factors have made Brighton College a highly successful and happy community, consistently ranked in the top 1% of schools globally, with a large number of students entering Oxford University, University of Cambridge, and Ivy League schools in the US every year.

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At the conference, Mr. Matthew Bartlett – Found Head Master of Brighton College Vietnam, a senior education leader with more than 30 years of experience leading the UK’s leading private schools, also shared about the strategic vision of Brighton College Vietnam. Brighton College Vietnam is expected to become a leading international school with top-rated teachers, groundbreaking curriculum that meets rigorous British standards, and a comprehensive and personalised pastoral care program.

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In particular, Brighton College Vietnam’s curriculum will be the perfect combination of the National English curriculum from Brighton College UK, the IB program, and Vietnamese subjects, in order to equip students with skills and knowledge to succeed in any international environment without losing their Vietnamese cultural identity. Brighton College Vietnam’s reputation is reflected through the record number of qualified teachers and managers from leading international schools applying for jobs. We have received hundreds of applications even before job postings are open to the public.

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During the conference, Ms. Phan Ha Thuy – CEO of Brighton College Vietnam – affirmed that with the goal of building elite education systems, Vingroup is committed to bringing the best schools in the world to Vietnam, and one of them is the prestigious 200-year-old Brighton College that has always been among the best schools in the world. Brighton College Vietnam respects the differences of each child and encourages children to express their individuality. In addition, Brighton College Vietnam students will have access to the broad Brighton College alumni network around the world, including tens of thousands of successful businessmen, politicians, and active professionals in many fields. This will help provide guidance for students and lead them to success. Brighton College Vietnam aims to become the leading international school in Vietnam.

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When asked about her expectations for Brighton College Vietnam, Ms. Phuong Anh, a parent who attended the conference, shared: “After the conference, I decided to enroll all 3 of my children to Brighton College Vietnam this year. I hope my children will be given opportunities to integrate with the world and become global citizens but still retain the cultural values ​​of Vietnam.

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For the first academic year of 2023-2024, Brighton College Vietnam has opened 300 admission slots for students aged 5-15 across the country with lifetime scholarships available. For more information, please fill in the following form: http://bit.ly/brightonvn