“At Brighton College Vietnam, we measure our success in education not by a single result.”

“At Brighton College Vietnam, we measure our success in education not by a single result.”

At Brighton College Vietnam, we believe that the value of education is not only measured by outstanding academic achievements but also by the growth and progress of each individual pupils. These values were reflected in the speech by Vĩ Khôi, who recently received the “Highest Achieving Pupil of the 2023-2024 Academic Year” award.


Vĩ Khôi – Highest Achieving Pupil of the 2023-2024 Academic Year

“Life changing.

These are the words I would use to describe my experiences at Brighton College during the past educational year. 

Change can often be scary, but it helps one grow as a pupil, as a person, as an individual within society. It was during my time at BCVN that I realised and adapted to this fact. With the assistance of the amazing resources provided to us and thoughtful tutors that are ready to help at a moment’s notice: I have grown, both physically – to adopt a healthier lifestyle – and psychologically – to emotionally mature. 


“Your environment influences your mindset.” Robin S. Sharma.


The beginning was honestly a bit unnerving, as I had little idea of the environment where I would frequent for the next year. One could say it was a “fish out of the water” situation. However, that immediately changed as soon as I entered my class for the first time. A warm smile greeted me as I slowly got to my assigned seat, where I would soon meet my new classmates.  

Perhaps, it was that one gesture of kindness from my form tutor that had grew my confidence. Consequently, I greeted pupils that entered after with the same goal in mind, to make them feel welcomed. Very quickly, my gestures were reciprocated, and tension between new incoming students was no more. Henceforth, from my first day, I had already gained an understanding of the community here at BCVN: A caring and cohesive environment where pupils would support one another, and with our teacher’s guidance, become the best versions of ourselves, together. 


“Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel.” – Jim Stovall. 


At Brighton College Vietnam, we measure our success in education not by our results, but the struggle, the effort, and the perseverance to achieve said results. A singular test score does not dictate your position in life; rather, it is whether you will put in the effort to improve that matters the most. Similarly, academic excellence within BCVN is not based upon a singular exam result. I, as so do many other pupils, constantly strive for improvement within our learning, putting in effort every day – not only as a Year 10 student setting out to be an example for the younger year groups, but also as a scholar trying to represent the school’s best.  

To be truthful, we don’t have any crystal-clear lifelong objectives in mind, and that’s okay! Because by constantly creating and achieving small aims, we’re taking one step at a time, past the threshold of our current comprehension, setting out to libraries overflowing with knowledge. Getting closer and closer every day to where we want to be. This step-by-step approach to our learning is implemented meticulously by the school’s teachers. Teachers who are always ready to provide assistance. 

In just under a year’s time, I, alongside my Year Group, will be taking their iGCSEs. It is quite a daunting task, to finish both our education and revision in such a short amount of time. Yet, our journey does not end there. We will then move onto our IBDPs, where not only educational knowledge is taught, but life skills – such as self-reflection and independent research – are also put to the test, to prepare us for life.  

And I must add, as the first ever pupils of BCVN who will embark on this educational journey, it does put a bit of pressure on our shoulders. 

However, I wholeheartedly believe that, with the guidance of our amazing teachers working in tandem with our own immense efforts: We can make this insurmountable mountain look no more than a shallow hill. 

With all of that being said, this Prize Giving ceremony is a celebration of our efforts throughout this educational year. The select few who have been chosen are pupils who have put in an extraordinary effort during this first year and are to be honored, recognised – not because they are perfect, but because they strive to be, every day.  


And so, to reiterate.  

The more we learn, the more our curiosity longs for knowledge.

The more effort we put in, the stronger our confidence gets.

The more we care for others, the bigger our kindness grows.

All the more, to become the best versions of ourselves!. 


Thank you.”