A Look Back at The Remarkable Journey of Our First Academic Year

A Look Back at The Remarkable Journey of Our First Academic Year

A year of wonders at Brighton College Vietnam has brought countless memories and moments of growth for all of us. Let’s look back at this incredible journey through the words of our pupil, Ninh Lan as she reflects on the past year during the recent Prize Giving ceremony.




“Thank you for gathering here today for the prize giving event.  My name is Ninh Lan and I am proud to have been a pupil at Brighton College for the past year. This has been a great first year for Brighton College Vietnam. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about some of the wonderful achievements of the pupils and faculty members here at our school.


On the first day of school, I walked into the classroom with a mix of excitement and nerves, greeted by the rush of new faces and the promise of a fresh start. As the weeks turned into months, I navigated through assignments, formed friendships, and grew both academically and personally. Now, standing here to give this speech in our final weeks, I reflect on our shared journey – how we’ve overcome challenges, celebrated successes, and created memories that will last a lifetime. Our time together has been a remarkable chapter, preparing us for the adventures that lie ahead. 


We had two open days with pupil-led exhibitions. Coordinating alongside the staff, us pupils gave prospective attendees a sense of the welcoming atmosphere here at the school. This event allowed pupils to give their honest opinion about the school and showcase their academic talents. Moreover, this event was an excellent display of the principles that are at the core of this school’s ethos: Curiosity, Confidence, and Kindness. 


Multiculturalism is at the heart of Brighton College Vietnam. This year, staff and pupils shared in the cultural traditions of Vietnam and China at the Mid-autumn festival. Later, in the Winter, the school celebrated Christmas with a school concert.  This commitment to diversity and inclusion culminated in this year’s International Day, a day where students were allowed to wear their traditional dress, or showcase the excellent food they made from their home country. Not only this, our Music Director, Mr. Gleeson arranged a small concert for the visitors to enjoy.  


Over the past year, we have seen a number of excellent displays of athleticism from many of the students here. This includes fixtures between Brighton College Vietnam and other schools in volleyball, football, basketball and swimming, to name a few. These events highlighted the value of healthy competition and sportsmanship.  The school hosted a Sports Day, where students from each house competed against each other in athletics including throwing, Running and Tug of War. The winning house, Chichester, showed exceptional skill. That said this event ultimately taught us the importance of companionship and that the whole point was to have fun. Like many other students at this school, I have learned a lot this year by taking part in sports. I’ve learned that every one is good at something and that a team is greater than the sum of its parts. I’ve learned that we are always better together than alone.


I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Whitehead for granting me this incredible opportunity. Your trust and confidence in me mean the world, and I am deeply honored to take on this role.


I am also immensely grateful to Mr. Bartlett, our outstanding headmaster. Your visionary leadership has profoundly shaped Brighton College Vietnam, bringing it to the esteemed position it holds today. Without your dedication and guidance, the school wouldn’t have achieved such remarkable recognition.


Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation to the entire Staff team, for their unwavering support and commitment. Thank you all for your contributions to our shared success.


Of course, all of us would like to say thank you to Mr. Richard Cairns, Headmaster of Brighton College UK, and Ms. Nicola Collins, Deputy CEO and Head of Schools. Thank you for partnering with Vietnam to establish Brighton College at Ocean Park. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a prestigious institution here.


I vividly remember my first encounter with you at Brighton College UK. When I stepped into the school, I felt a mix of fear and excitement. Your leadership and support were invaluable during my visit, and I am deeply grateful for your guidance.


I would also like to give a special shout-out to Mr. Rushton, the first Brighton College Vietnam staff member I met in the UK. I am privileged to have you and Mr. Taylor as my form tutors. Mr. Rushton, your direction of an excellent play in just eight months is a testament to your talent and dedication. I remember when we did a mini drama exercise at Brighton College UK, and you kept telling me about how I was such a role model and the most well behaved in the group. They say fate brings it, now I have you as my form tutor!


As we look to the future, let’s carry with us the lessons, memories, and connections we’ve made. Together, we’re ready to face new challenges, embrace new opportunities, and continue growing and learning. As we move forward, may we do so with confidence, curiosity, and kindness, supporting each other along the way.


Reflecting on our experiences, from the excitement of starting a new school to the friendship and achievements we celebrate today, it’s clear that our time at Brighton College Vietnam has been transformative. The open days showed our ability to represent and lead, the cultural celebrations highlighted our inclusivity and respect for diversity, and Sports Day exemplified our teamwork and perseverance. Each event and milestone has not only marked our progress but also strengthened the values and friendships that will guide us in the future. As we look back on this remarkable first year, let’s carry forward what we’ve learned and the bonds we’ve formed, ready for new adventures.”