Recap: Conference “Discover the UK school of the decade”

Recap: Conference “Discover the UK school of the decade”

Continuing the series of activities in the journey to bring the pinnacle of global education to Vietnam, on December 10, Brighton College Vietnam (BCVN) held a conference: DISCOVER THE “UK SCHOOL OF THE DECADE” – IN VIETNAM FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME at Sheraton Hotel, Hanoi.

At the event, in addition to information about core values, teachers, facilities and the curriculum, Chief Executive and Executive Head of Brighton College International Schools – Mr. Graeme Owton, and CEO of Brighton College Vietnam – Ms. Phan Ha Thuy revealed more interesting information that has never been shared before about the British school with 200 years of success.

Take a look at the photos from the event:

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Mr. Graeme Owton introduced the 200-year-old history of the school and the core values ​​that have created the brand of the “UK School of the Decade”: Confidence; Curiosity and Kindness.

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Ms. Phan Ha Thuy – CEO of Brighton College Vietnam shared about the curriculum at Brighton College Vietnam and how the unique features of the English national curriculum will be applied at Brighton College Vietnam.

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Q&A of parents and the school board: The stability of teaching staff, the school’s direction in the process of building students’ character, the way to win scholarships and entrance exams, etc. were all discussed thoroughly.


Let’s watch the video showing the latest images of the modern facilities according to international standards of Brighton College Vietnam.