Join the Global Adventure of Cultural Pride and Community Spirit at Our International Fair!

Join the Global Adventure of Cultural Pride and Community Spirit at Our International Fair!

“The most creative (and kind) societies are diverse ones, with people of different cultures, faiths, backgrounds, beliefs, and ways of thinking. Being open to diversity and difference within our community gives us the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and to see old ones in new ways.” – Mr Kirk Green, Deputy Head of Senior (Academic)

The world is a vibrant symphony of cultures, constantly evolving through the exchange of ideas and traditions. At Brighton College Vietnam, our diverse community welcomes pupils and families from an ever-growing number of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. Our recent International Fair was a celebration of this rich heritage, where pupils and families embarked on a whirlwind adventure across the globe!

The day kicked off with a dazzling display of national pride. Pupils and families donned their finest cultural attire, turning our Sports Field into a runway of beautiful costumes. Our pupils showed off the vibrant colours and intricate embroidery of a traditional Saree (India), the flowing elegance of a Hanbok (Korea), the timeless charm of Vietnamese Áo dài, or the festive flair of clothing adorned with Mexican patterns. Each outfit was a unique expression of cultural pride, setting the stage for a beautiful celebration of diversity and unity.

Our four Houses – Ryle, Chichester, Hampden, and Fenwick – took center stage in an educational House Competition. Randomly assigned 2 countries per House which reflected the nationalities of Brighton College Vietnam, each House transformed their designated booth into an immersive experience.

Imagine encountering a miniature replica of the Great Wall of China, perhaps stumbling upon a vibrant map of Australia, teeming with cuddly koalas. Each House truly outdid themselves, transporting us to the heart of their assigned nations.

Food enthusiasts rejoiced in a high-stakes International Cook-off. The air sizzled with competition as our young chefs presented their best signature dishes and explained the cultural significance of their cuisines. Head chefs from JW Marriott and Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel joined our esteemed head chef to judge the culinary creations. 

Aarush’s Indian Rasmalai with fruit took the prize for Best Dessert while Yuko won the Best Savoury Dish category with a platter of Som Tum (Papaya salad), Moo Tod (Grilled pork), Khao Niaow (sticky rice). Tuan Kiet and Tra My, a sibling pair from our Prep School won Best Overall Dish with their traditional Vietnamese Banh troi banh chay.

But the Fair wasn’t just about our competitions. The stage came alive with energetic performances, offering a taste of the performing arts from different cultures. We even got a special sneak peek at the upcoming school production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”!

Beyond the stage, the fair overflowed with activities designed to spark the explorer’s spirit in everyone, from the traditional Mexican Piñata bursting with candy to the intricate art of Indian henna painting. A feast of international delicacies awaited visitors, orchestrated by our amazing parents. Steaming bowls of Indian curries sat alongside Korean japchae and Vietnamese bánh bột lọc, creating a global food court unlike any other.

Our International Fair was a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and community. It was a day to bond, play, and explore the richness of different cultures, all within the walls of Brighton College Vietnam. Exciting and lively sport activities like Football, Jianzi, Sepak Takraw, and Skittles added another layer of international flair to the day. We can’t wait for our next international adventure, and we will strive to continue to celebrate our diversity and uphold a thriving multicultural community!