Brighton College Vietnam: To help each pupil become the best version of themselves

Brighton College Vietnam: To help each pupil become the best version of themselves

Brighton College – Outstanding world-class education arrives in Vietnam

The United Kingdom has long been famous for its high quality education system, which is often considered to be the most successful in the world with an impressive number of high ranking schools. In that list of excellent British schools, Brighton College is one of the most prestigious, serving as the dream destination of so many pupils from across the world.

As a renowned independent school with over 200 years of success in the UK, Brighton College is consistently ranked as one of the leading schools in the world, and has received numerous international awards from educational institutions and broadsheet newspapers such as “United Kingdom School of the Decade”, “England’s Independent School of the Year”, “Britain’s Most Forward-Thinking School” and “Top Co-Ed School in the UK”.

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Brighton College UK

Brighton College is considered “one of the great modern success stories of British independent education” (according to The Sunday Times). Pupils graduate with exceptional results and are accepted by the world’s best universities, such as top US universities in the Ivy League including Harvard and Yale. Many will study at Oxford and Cambridge, and leading Russell Group universities in the UK including the LSE.

Bringing these cultural values and years of academic excellence, Brighton College UK, Britain’s ‘school of the decade’ has now arrived in Vietnam. Brighton College Vietnam was established from a comprehensive partnership between Vingroup and the Brighton College international education system, with the first campus being located at Vinhomes Ocean Park (Gia Lam, Hanoi).


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Brighton College Vietnam

What will pupils gain from attending Brighton College Vietnam?

At Brighton College Vietnam, pupils will be nurtured according to the core values which have been engrained in the Brighton College DNA for almost 200 years: Kindness, Confidence, and Curiosity.

With these 3 values, Brighton College Vietnam is the ideal environment to fulfil parents’ hopes and dreams for the future generations, helping to raise pupils into kind, confident young people with the ability to learn and adapt to our ever-changing world.

Kindness at Brighton College Vietnam shines through our pupils’ acceptance and respect of individual differences. This is also the guiding philosophy that permeates all of the school’s activities: “To help each pupil become the best version of themselves.” This educatio

nal mission will help each child become a first class version of himself or herself, not the second-class copies of someone else. This will also help our pupils flourish and lead happy, meaningful lives.

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Confidence is another value that Brighton’s world-class educational model strives to cultivate in pupils, allowing them to bravely express their opinions and steadfastly pursue their dreams.

Inquisitiveness and love of learning are fostered at Brighton College Vietnam through our preservation and encouragement of each child’s innate curiosity. This is the key to transforming education, and helps pupils become life-long learners as well as develop deep critical thinking skills.


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With almost 200 years of success in the UK and generations of exceptional old Brightonians, many of whom have made their mark in industry, science and the arts, such as Chloe Zhao, Oscar-winning director, and John Alfred Ryle, Regius Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge, some might believe that Brighton College Vietnam is a school only for the elite. However, Matthew Bartlett – the Founding Head Master of Brighton College Vietnam, shared that the elite concepts that Brighton College Vietnam fosters are not based on privilege, but rather that:

“We build our school on kindness, magnanimity, curiosity, talent, virtue, and contributions to society.”


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Mr. Matthew – Founding Head Master of Brighton College Vietnam