Creativity and Unity Spark at House Competitions

Creativity and Unity Spark at House Competitions

The House system at Brighton College Vietnam went beyond sports and academics to inject an extra element of excitement into our school calendar. The recent House competitions were a playground for Brightonians to showcase their diverse talents and skills as individuals, and the strength of teamwork within each House.

In the Prep School, pupils took part in an exhilarating House Board Games Competition. 


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The youngest competitors in Year 1 and 2 sharpened their problem-solving skills with Connect 4.


Throughout the competition, the spirit of positive rivalry was palpable as pupils gave their all to earn points for their Houses. Encouraging words and motivational cheers from their peers added to the vibrant atmosphere. The competition not only provided an opportunity for pupils to develop their mental acuity, honing critical thinking and strategic planning skills, but also fostered a strong sense of camaraderie and collective effort while enjoying the fun of play.


In the Senior School, the House Song Competition filled the Theatre with impressive symphonies and spirited camaraderie. Pupils were the full creative forces behind their performances, penning new lyrics, rearranging melodies, practising live music with a range of different instruments, choreographing point dances, and gathering props such as House flags and colourful confetti for added flair.


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Fenwick’s energetic rendition of ‘Counting Stars,’ which captivated the audience with their courage to explore new styles and rhythms.


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Ryle’s lively performance of ‘We’re All In This Together,’ complete with dynamic choreography and a spectacular finale.


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Chichester conveyed strength through their “Fight Song” with an impressive formation.


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Hampden’s roof-raising ‘Believer’, which began with thunderous, rhythmic stomping and ended in a powerful, unified performance.


The House Song Competition was a testament to the pupils’ confidence and resilience. Each performance was the result of hours of practise, meticulous planning, and creative stage setting. They did not shine as singular stars on stage, but with pride in the name of their House.