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The Arts

At Brighton College we know that participation in the arts is vital for nurturing creativity, passion and individuality in each child. Such activities enliven and complement the academic life of the school in a very special way.

Our arts calendar will offer a range of music, dance, art and drama events for our pupils. This will include the annual musical for both Prep and Senior pupils, a carol service, regular music recitals, art exhibitions, and pupil-directed plays.


Our department will foster a joyful approach to music, nurturing a love of music, and much of the musical co-curricular feeds into the academic programme. In addition to being able to take individual music lessons, pupils will be able to participate in a variety of musical groups such as choirs, orchestra, concert band and small ensembles.


Many of our children begin their dancing journey from Pre-Prep and continue when they progress into the College. Boys and girls can choose from a wide range of options such as ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop or ballroom dancing in our modern dance studios. Dancing not only enhances pupils’ cognitive development, but also their creativity and emotional development.


Our drama teaching fosters talent, creativity and personal confidence in our pupils. Taught within the curriculum from Year 4, pupils develop strong communication and performance skills. All children take part in performances throughout the year, being given opportunities to build their confidence and enjoy being in front of an audience.