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Senior School

We encourage inquisitive minds, inspire confidence, and provide challenging activities inside and outside the classroom.

With a dedicated Head and a team of specialist teachers, we make sure all pupils are happy and fulfilled. Our outstanding teachers use their in-depth knowledge to help pupils develop a love of learning. The academic subjects and co-curricular activities available ensure the broadest possible education for our pupils.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for the challenges of the 21st Century. In addition to maths and English, pupils will have the opportunity to study languages such as Mandarin and French. Science is taught as three distinct subjects and has dedicated, state-of-the-art facilities. Pupils also study coding and IT, music, art, design and technology, drama and enjoy an extensive sports timetable.

In Year 10 and 11, pupils will follow the GCSE curriculum and, in addition to the compulsory core subjects, they will be able to choose up to four optional subjects such as: business studies, computer science, geography, history, world languages (eg. Mandarin, French), art, music, design and technology (DT), drama, and physical education (PE).

Our Sixth Form pupils (Year 12 and 13) experience academic life as more than just a focus on their IBDP grades. We encourage a deeper love of learning through independent study, reading and research - be it a formal Extended Project Qualification, or an informal presentation to their peers. We aim to develop intellectually curious young adults who will assume a full, active and positive role in society. Our Sixth Formers play a leading role in our clubs and societies, organising social and charity events, directing plays, leading pupil committees and participating in numerous trips.

Our Planet and Our Past

Brighton College adopts an integrated approach to the teaching of the humanities. This guides pupils through a coherent narrative of the past, providing them with an appreciation of how history shapes the world today. Our approach weaves together history, philosophy, geography and religion to enable pupils to link these subjects together in a critically informed way.

Presentation Skills

This course, unique to Brighton College, covers practical skills such as speech writing, as well as the opportunity to study some of the great speeches of history. Posture, breathing and intonation are all developed as well as voice modulation and speech analysis. We teach all the skills necessary for both formal and informal presentations, to both small and large audiences.

Entrepreneurship Programme

Brighton College UK was the first independent school to include entrepreneurship in its curriculum. Pupils create an original product which they market before industry experts in a Shark Tank style competition. A similar approach will be adopted at Brighton College Vietnam.